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Virtual End of the Year Resources

Updated: May 5, 2021

We are rapidly approaching the end of what has been one of the most interesting, and no doubt challenging, school years yet. The May/June months in a traditional school year are typically full of fun EOY projects, traditions, and celebrations. If you are a teacher, you might be scrambling to come up with inspiration for how those special moments can still take place virtually. While it may need to look a little different, there is no need to sacrifice this important and special time as you and your class transition into summer.

Below, we've collected 5 resources that you can use virtually to send your class off feeling happy, ready, and accomplished.

› Virtual Memory Books

Use this adorable GoogleSlides presentation from Teachers Pay Teachers so your kids can record all their memories without having to worry about the distance. Depending on how tech savvy your students are, you could have them share their document with each other and add a slide for students to write a compliment for one another! Access the presentation template →

School Memories Slideshow

Create a special presentation for your class using photos you've collected throughout the school year. Start taking some screen shots during your virtual time together as well to throw into the mix. Smilebox has a variety of templates you can use to make it extra special. Smilebox Templates →

Last Day Poems

One important step I always took with my families and students was translating how much the school year, their trust, and our relationship meant to me through a farewell poem. These are two poems (one for the class and one emailed to parents) that helped me convey a very heartfelt sendoff into summer.

Summer Learning Resource!

Last but certainly not least, send your students off with the best gift they can receive this summer, continued learning at home! Learning Ovations' offers a platform that parents can easily use to coach their child in literacy using recommendations that are tailored toward their child's specific needs.

We hope that these resources help you, your students, and families wrap up the school year feeling ready for summer!

For more activities and tips be sure to check out Learning Ovations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

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