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Alignment Accelerates Learning

In a recent blog, we discussed the real world impacts on A2i in classrooms, specifically how teacher’s A2i usage affected their students’ growth. This time around, let's talk about how alignment with the Learning Ovations’ Framework can further accelerate student achievement and take a look at the data behind this phenomenon.

Before we jump into things, let's take a moment to talk about what exactly we mean by The Learning Ovations’ Framework and what this might look like in the classroom. Movement on the Framework refers to a teacher’s commitment to and success in delivering individualized instruction in 5 specific areas: A2i usage, differentiation, classroom structure, instructional materials, and partnership. Thus, a teacher with a high framework score is more likely to closely follow the individual insights and recommendations for each student, centering the focus of their lesson plans around what each student needs and how to best provide that for them.

Moving along to the data, our research revealed that teachers’ framework scores directly correlate to their students’ growth rates. In fact, each 1-point increase in score resulted in an average increase of 1.35 months of additional literacy growth over the course of a year. This means taking a classroom that previously did not differentiate instruction and aligning them with the Learning Ovations’ Framework can result in over 5 months of literacy growth in just the first year. Extrapolate this across all grades from K-3 and students will be receiving well over a full year of extra growth!

We can’t stress enough how exciting these findings are. This is proof-in-action of the A2i difference, and the difference teachers all over the country who are using A2i are making for the future of their students. From the start, teachers begin their journey alongside Learning Ovations with the belief that ALL students can learn to read, and with a strong desire to make this happen. After much planning, patience, and perseverance in empowering our teachers through active support we now have the data to show that this dream is not just possible, it’s actually happening!

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