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Top 5 Distance Learning Resources: October Edition!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

It's October and students and teachers all around the country are settling into their new learning spaces, whether that be in person, hybrid, or entirely virtual. Around this time is when the school year really starts getting underway, so it’s also more important than ever to make sure that things are running really smoothly so your students can be guaranteed the quality education we’ve all promised to give them. With all of this in mind, read through our quick October resource list to see if you can find anything that would help make your school year even better!

ABC Mouse is a step-by-step learning curriculum created by Age of Learning. With over 850 lessons across 10 levels of difficulty, you are bound to find dozens of uses in this program. Their curriculum spans the entire range of learning, from early reading to being able to read complete books. They utilize a fun and interactive program to motivate students through the use of interactive online avatars and a fun tickets and reward program. They also give teachers easy access to and understanding of progress monitoring. ABC Mouse is currently offering 1 month of free access to their program, so try it out for yourself now and see if it’s what works for your classroom needs.

If you’re looking to up your teaching game then search no further. Cox Campus is a completely free online program that offers all kinds of professional development, teaching resources, and much more. Their program includes video-based courses, resources for virtual and in-home teaching, and tons of interactive and rich evidence based education on language and literacy best practices. Everything on their website is completely and totally free forever, so if any of this sounds interesting or useful then check it out now!

Already have a library card but no way to get to the library? Libby is a free online library containing thousands of ebooks and audiobooks ready for you to download and use instantly on any device with internet access. Shake up your students reading time by giving them thousands of new book options to choose from.

Open Up Resources offers some of the highest quality ELA curriculum to educators free of charge. Additionally, in response to recent developments and uncertainties regarding education this year, they have all kinds of resources developed by EL Education to help plan and execute remote/hybrid learning this fall. If you’re looking for more solutions to your distance teaching problems, then go through some of the resources and videos made available from their website, and afterwards maybe even start adding some of their curriculum options to your own program.

Share this short video with your students before setting them off on a fun and interactive learning adventure through the safari of their own homes! In this month's video activity, students will search through the remote reaches of their living spaces to find and track all of the wild letters they can capture!

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