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Distance Learning Freebies Roundup

Updated: May 5, 2021

By Literacy Outcomes Specialists:

Katrina Niesen & Renée Cullum

For Teacher Appreciation Week we want to support teachers and give them what they need: distance learning resources! Even better, these are free and geared toward the new virtual classroom setting.

Check out our freebies below and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you do!

› Virtual Morning Announcements Template

Customize this GoogleSlides presentation from Teachers Pay Teachers so you can share messages for students and families, activity prompts, or even a quote of the day! Access the presentation template →

Virtual Class Journal Template

Create a space for students to respond to daily or weekly prompts for writing, art, or photography even. You could also expand on this and ask students to submit entries through a Google Form. Access the presentation template →

Learning Ovations Video Writing Prompts

Have your students watch one of our video prompts to inspire their writing time! You can take it to the next level for some and have them make a google slides presentation of their writing similar to the style of the videos. Students can then have a viewing party during your next virtual check in!

You can get more videos like these with our A2i Distance Learning platform. Just click on the image below to get more information.

Video Meeting Backgrounds

Keep your kids engaged, and the virtual learning fun, with a variety of Zoom backgrounds. This site shares a collection of free ones that you can snap a screen shot of and then use during your next virtual meeting.

Learning Ovations Digital Vocabulary

& Spelling Activities

Last but certainly not least, here are two fun code and meaning focused activities to spruce up your digital learning materials. Click the links below, make a copy, edit the slides for a spelling or vocabulary list of your choice, and have kids complete this fun activity.

Vocabulary activity:

We hope that these freebies can help brighten your days!

For more activities and tips be sure to check out Learning Ovations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

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