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Children Arriving at School



Learning Loss Recovery for Schools and Communities

As students across the nation begin returning to school, many will need to recover a year’s worth of lost learning. This is particularly important because research is clear that pre-K to 3rd grade is the optimal developmental time to teach reading. Losing a year from this window is critical to address:

  • Since 3rd Grade Reading Success in foundational to Closing the Achievement Gap!

  • Since 3rd Grade Reading Success dramatically increases HS Graduation Rates.

  • Since 3rd grade reading proficiency is a key indicator of future success in school and life.

Learning Ovations and our Assesment 2 Instruction (A2i) Professional Support System is uniquely qualified to support schools and communities seeking to help K-3 students recover from pandemic related learning loss and ensure each child is on an individualized path towards 3rd grade reading proficiency.

  • Our A2i literacy support system was developed through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and is rated Strong by Evidence for ESSA and the What Works Clearinghouse. 

  • Through seven randomized controlled trials, Learning Ovations proved that A2i implementation consistently achieved over 90% of children reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade.

  • Thanks to the causational findings and with funding from the US Department of Education, Learning Ovations uniquely can support adults guiding children across the child’s learning landscape from home to summer to school to after school.

  • A2i is in strong alignment with policy recommendations for learning loss recovery in the recently passed American Rescue Plan and an ideal use of incoming federal and state funds to help students recover from the pandemic, wherever the student is!

How can schools and communities use federal Covid Relief Funds to recover learning loss and improve early literacy outcomes?

All COVID relief bills, including the American Rescue Plan ask schools and communities to use funds for the following learning loss recovery activities:

  1. Addressing Learning loss among students (including low-income, children with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, homelessness, foster care, etc.

    Learning Ovations has been shown equally effective across all demographics: ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status.


  2. Administering high-quality assessments (to meet needs including differentiated instruction)

    The A2i assessments are normed to the NAEP with validity and reliability derived from the Woodcock Johnson gold-standard literacy test protocols. Technology allows for a quick, adaptive assessment to determine both grade and age equivalency. This information is used to guide schools, community providers, and parents to assignments which provide ongoing, differentiated and individualized work that addresses the unique needs of each child.


  3. Implementing evidence-based activities

    A2i is informed by fourteen years of research funded by the US Department of Education and NIH and is rated Strong by Evidence for ESSA and the What Works Clearinghouse. Learning Ovations’ software is indexed with only evidenced-based lessons and activities. Included in the software are evidenced-based ELA curriculums (we will index your district curriculum if it is not already available in the software), open-source activities and materials, including the Florida Center for Reading Research, EngageNY and hundreds of other lessons that fill in skill gaps to complement and support your curriculum and program. The technology is indexed to correlate each assignment by grade (year/month) as well as age (vocabulary work).


  4. Planning and implementing activities related to summer learning and afterschool programs

    Learning Ovations offers year-round K-3 solutions to ensure all students are on track for reading success by the end of 3rd grade. Our suite of tools includes A2i Tutoring, which can be used at home and in community-based tutoring and after-school programs and A2i Summer Learning, which can be used for district summer school and community-based summer programs.​​​​

Take a Step That Will Have a Significant Impact in Your Schools and Communities.

Apply Federal Covid Relief Funding for Learning Recovery Rooted in Results Across Your Community...

Federal American Rescue Plan Funding is available for use until Fall 2023, which is in alignment with our 3-year Partnership Commitment to transformative reading outcomes for your community!  Use these resources to recover learning loss AND achieve profound results and social equity for your community by having over 90% of children reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade!

Learning Ovations offers schools and communities many options:

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A2i Professional Support System (for School districts)

A2i Professional Support System is a comprehensive approach for reading success. Over 90% of students in A2i classrooms are reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade. This is accomplished by using proprietary technology to quickly identify grade and age equivalency and then prescribe differentiated strategies and lessons for children. Teachers are supported by Literacy Outcomes Specialists who provide ongoing professional development, in-class support and on-demand communication.


A2i Summer (for Schools and Community-based providers)

A2i Summer provides consistent technology, similar to what is used in the classroom to provide ongoing and consistent support to summer learning activities.  This provides those adults working with children multiple activities and strategies that are grade and age appropriate for the children and consistent with what they are experiencing in classrooms. A2i Summer assists adults significantly with the reduction of planning time and ensures that children are getting exactly what they need to reach reading proficiency by the end of 3rd grade.

Upon school re-entry in the fall, teachers will have immediate and specific student progress data from A2i summer to begin instruction. This data can also be used for immediate baseline data as progress monitoring begins. As the school year progresses, ongoing information will be available for parents and caregivers to continue to work and monitor progress that occurs in the school setting.

A2i Tutoring (for Schools and Community-based providers)

A2i tutoring works alongside our A2i Professional Support System to provide ongoing and consistent support for community or school-based tutoring. A2i tutoring assists adults by providing children with aligned assessments that effectively inform tutors with recommendations to ensure each child is getting exactly what they need to be successful for literacy growth.

A2i After School (for Schools and Community-based providers)

Building on our rigorously-proven A2i Professional Support System, Learning Ovations presents A2i After School for school and community expanded learning providers. A2i AfterSchool works alongside our school-based A2i Professional Support System to support and create ongoing and consistent learning activities for children regardless of where or when instruction is occurring.

Reading Checkup (for Parents and Caregivers)

Reading Checkup is a web-based tool that empowers caregivers at home to deliver rigorous, individualized literacy instruction to all children in their care.  This provides adults working with children grade and age appropriate activities and strategies to ensure their child is making progress towards reading proficiency. Reading Checkup can be used as a key component of community or school district family engagement efforts.

Reading Check Up
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Seven Questions to Consider 

When Addressing Learning Recovery

As you consider strategies for reading loss and recovery, school and community leaders must be able to answer these six questions:

Let us help you start the journey this summer and carry that success into the future through an aligned year-round system of learning!


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