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Top Free Websites to Access Books for Children

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

By Renée Cullum

Don't have access to a lot of books at home?

Check out these FREE resources for reading at home. Below are some great choices to pair with Children will need time independently or with an adult reading. At Learning Ovations, we value reading and Meaning Focused activities.

Meaning focused activities are vocabulary, comprehension, or writing activities. We know that having access to books is so important for Meaning focused activities. Books can help us find new vocabulary words. We can ask and answer questions from books. Children can even complete a thinking map based on books. Best of all, after every book we read, we can write about it! If you need more resources to help build up Vocabulary, Comprehension, or Writing....check out these FREE resources.


*My favorite pick

Audible by Amazon is offering their streaming service free for as long as schools are closed. Books are categorized by type of reader. Full library for free!! Storybook pictures are not included on this site. But, what a wonderful way for children to hear a story being read to them.

*Used in my classroom all the time

Storyline Online offers free read alouds for children. Actors (look for your favorite - mine is Kristen Bell) read their choice of storybook. This site has a visual feature as well. There is very cute animation that goes with the story. AND, If you have the book at home, they can follow along! No sign up necessary, just choose a book, grab your popcorn, listen, and watch.

*New & very cool!

Vooks provides a streaming library of endless books for students. These are animated storybooks read aloud for children. Parents have a free 30 day trail. Vooks even has lesson plans for some of the books, if your are feeling creative!


*Never run out of books

Epic! offers 40,000 (WOW) of the best books. These books are geared towards kids 12 and under. Epic! sorts the books by ages to help you find the best fit book. Free for 30 days with parent sign up.


*Nonfiction reads!!

ReadWorks has a variety of online texts to use with your child. The grade levels range K-12. There are non-fiction and fiction texts available for printing or using online. Parents just need to signup for free!


Happy Reading!!

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