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Targeting Outcomes: A2i Aims for the Bullseye

Jenny Mackenzie, a well renowned documentary filmmaker, recently released a preview to her upcoming piece The Right to Read, a story-type documentary that touches on many of the cornerstones to early literacy we’ve advocated here at Learning Ovations. In this short teaser there are many powerful calls-to-action, including Kareem Weaver’s impassioned claim that access to equal literacy instruction “is our current civil rights battle”, and we couldn’t agree more. Weaver, who is a member of the NAACP and an Oakland community leader, has been a vocal advocate for reading and a close collaborator with Learning Ovations. Like him, we firmly believe every child born in this world should come into it with the promise of being provided the means to succeed. As the evidence has so clearly highlighted, literacy is at the very center of this success.

We are excited for this documentary to be released and even more so to see such powerful advocacy being pursued by brilliant artists such as Mackenzie. Our nation’s shortcomings in early childhood literacy achievement fall nothing short of being a crisis, and Learning Ovations will continue to pursue the best possible solutions, until every child is afforded the education they deserve.

Watch the full preview on Jenny Mackenzie’s Vimeo

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