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Quarantine Hacks: Music to Both Your Ears

By Your Literacy Outcome Specialist: Katrina Niesen

Creating an environment in your home that fits both your work needs and your child's school needs can be tough. Your new 'office mate' might be struggling to focus and you might be at your wit's end with balancing the many different roles now demanded of you. However, there is one strategy utilized by many teachers that just might help lighten the load: mood music! That's right. I often used to set the tone in my classroom by being intentional and creative with my music selections. Also, with more music streaming options available now more than ever, it's easy and affordable too.

Below I've gathered up a list of FIVE stations our team uses and loves when working from home with their littles and each has its own vibe. Try them out and see your day transform!

#1 Spotify's Deep Focus Playlist

Get your whole house 'in the zone' with an instrumental playlist that encourages productivity and focused work. You'll get tasks knocked out, find your flow, and stay motivated.

#2 Jack Johnson's Children's Radio on Pandora

This station will be a favorite for both you and your kids. It's laid back vibes and melodies will have you tapping your toes and working/learning stress free!

#3 Sirius XM Channel: Kidz Bop Radio

For when you both need some time away from the grind, and maybe want to dance a little, there's always Kids Bop Radio! On Sirius XM, The KIDZ BOP Kids host a 24/7 KIDZ BOP Radio (Ch. 77) party. You'll recognize some of your favorites and your kids can sing along too!

#4 Pandora's Calm Meditation Radio

Help create a calm environment and put on this station to feel transported to an oasis. My go to station as a teacher, I often played this for my students after they came in from recess to help transition back to learning.

#5 Vitamin String Quartet on Amazon Music

If you're both needing some inspiration, look up Vitamin String Quartet on Amazon Music. You'll feel like front row symphony goers but recognize modern songs from favorites like Moana, Radiohead, and more!

Happy Listening!

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