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Message from Our Founder

Dear Learning Ovations Community,

We are committed to helping our partners and community as we adjust to the new reality of COVID-19. To start, we’ve tapped nationally-recognized literacy expert Dr. Carol Connor for guidelines on in-home literacy instruction.

We are also working with the U.S. Department of Education to create additional resources for parents and for teachers to support families in continuing reading development. While we can’t offer a cure for the cabin fever sweeping our nation, we do know how to keep kids learning, despite the nationwide school closures caused by the outbreak. So we’re making our expertise in literacy instruction, distance learning, and iterative lesson planning available to you (more on this soon). Those of you either teaching your children at home, or preparing learning packets for home learners, are welcome to join our community on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for resources and support. We’ll be sharing our experiences and those of other educators and would love to hear how you're doing as well (no pressure, we know how busy you are).⁣

We will get through this together.

Be well,



Learning Ovations

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