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Learning Ovations Home Literacy Coach

Available for free during our national emergency at the request of the US Department of Education

Dear Literacy Partner,

With the recent consensus that few schools across America will reopen before Fall, it is dawning on parents that their child is going to lose half a year of progress in learning to read - unless they can do something at home to help! And just like in our most successful K-3 classrooms, the best support for children’s reading outcomes is a mix of time spent with an adult and time a child spends on individualized evidence-based activities to support their own unique skills.

The Learning Ovations Home Literacy Coach is a web-based application for K-3 reading instruction that can be used at the dining room table. It is not an iPad game to distract, but rather, curated research based activities designed by teachers for parents. Now each family can carry on learning to read support when their children can’t be in school. Learning Ovations Home Literacy Coach provides them with a specialized reading plan for each child while giving guidance and support. Watch this video to learn more.

The essence of what is being offered to parents and caregivers, for free during our national emergency, is a parent-friendly on-line version of technology and resources developed over 13 years of rigorous research funded by the US Department of Education and the National Institutes of Health. Before this offer, similar technology, based on the same principles of individualization for each child, has been helping support more than a 1,000 teachers across the country (see this local news report) as they have helped more than 30,000 K-3 students achieve record breaking reading outcomes.

This tool brings the evidence-based A2i quizzes and individualized instructional recommendations to families with links to resources. It’s easy for families to use. The Learning Ovations Home Literacy Coach is offered free of charge while schools are experiencing closures related to the COVID-19 national emergency.

Please take a look and share with your networks of educators and families. Also join us on social media as we engage more parents and teachers across the country in this important effort: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.

Yours in literacy - in and out of school.

Jay Connor


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