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Introducing Literacy Reimagined, a New Podcast from Learning Ovations

Why do we need to change the way we teach our kids to read? How can we promote systemic literacy transformation, delivering social justice to our underserved kids? These are just a few of the questions our host and CEO of Learning Ovations, Jay Connor brings to the table in our new and impactful podcast, Literacy Reimagined.

"It's about improving reading outcomes one school, one teacher, one child at a time”

says Connor through meaningful conversations with selected visionaries, working on the educational front lines that possess the ability to connect needed dots.

We kick things off with prominent researcher and author of LETRS, Louisa Moats, who brings timely and relevant topics to center stage such as: what’s sorely missing from teacher preparation programs and professional literacy development, the benefits of investing in early childhood education, and why learning to read at grade level can begin to solve racial injustice — even in the age of COVID-19.

And that's just the beginning. Other thought leaders we sat down with include: Kyle Belokopitsky, executive director of the New York State PTA; Liz Weaver, Co-CEO of the Tamarack Institute; retired superintendent Dr. Jo Welter; and Todd Hanson, VP at Center for Engaged Philanthropy for the OC Community Foundation.

Guided by their insights, Literacy Reimagined allows us to explore the latest advances in the science of reading while addressing this central question: how can we improve literacy outcomes to effect social justice for all?

Literacy Reimagined can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts, and to learn more you can visit:

After listening, if you're feeling as inspired as we are and ready to join the conversation, visit our Facebook group and let's change literacy:

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