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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week, we are celebrating teachers for their leadership in the classroom, and for transforming the lives of children around the world. We are especially grateful for our A2i teacher we have the opportunity to partner with, and cannot say enough about our appreciation for them.

We have been able to be a witness and partner in the growth of cohorts of students because of the willingness of teachers, Literacy Champions and site administrators leaning into the A2i Professional Development System. We look forward to continued success with each of our partners.

Teachers across every district have shown commitment to students and to the A2i platform. Here’s what some of our A2i teachers have said throughout the year:

  • “I knew from a very young age that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children.”

  • “Our goal is to close the achievement gap in that every child will be a reader by the end of third grade.”

  • “I know that our students face enormous challenges, and I will provide whatever support I can to help them to overcome them. We are truly committed to developing a K-2 literacy program that meets the needs of each and every child.”

  • “I believe all students can achieve great things despite the many barriers and challenges they face each day. I try to coach through the lenses of "anything is possible"

We hope you are all taking time to enjoy the great deals made available for you throughout the week including the ones posted by USA Today.

On behalf of everyone at Learning Ovations, here's to you, teachers! Thank you for working to integrate A2i into your lesson plan and achieve greater student literacy! Your dedication to students and education is inspiring!

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