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Funding for Outcomes: Starting With the End in Mind

Effective strategies should always be built first by starting with the end goal in mind, this is no different for education. In order to have all students successfully reading at grade level by the end of third grade, funding needs to be directed towards achieving outcomes from the very start.

The recent increase to district funding included in the American Rescue Plan has created an incredible opportunity to improve early childhood literacy. In order to seize this moment and start closing the reading gap now, districts need to implement the right strategies:

  1. Invest in long-term solutions

  2. Improve the quality of instruction

  3. Identify measurable outcomes

  4. Prioritize supporting teachers

When it comes to figuring out what these strategies actually look like in practice, look no further than Learning Ovations. Our A2i Professional Support System and Community Literacy Support Systems offer ARP aligned, systems-level solutions that provide the best instructional recommendations — individualized for every single student.

With the deadline fast approaching, there’s no room to gamble on our children’s education. It’s time to pursue the practices that are already proven to work — based on research that Learning Ovations has been doing for decades. We hope districts will join this forward progress, and that together we can take steps towards ensuring every child has the right to read.

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