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Falling into Distance Learning

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is a great time to show appreciation and raise some spirits for the many educators continuing to navigate remote teaching. To show how much we appreciate all of the amazing work teachers and educators have been doing, we’ve compiled a list of super useful resources to make the job easier. Rest assured that with the help of these amazing tools, teachers can relax into the cozy holiday atmospheres while still knowing that they're helping students become better scholars!

Readworks is a nonprofit that is partnering with teachers around the nation to help tackle the literacy crisis. With 1000’s of research-based activities to choose from, there should be no problem finding content that you can use to meet your classroom’s needs. Try starting with their Article-A-Day program, a daily 15 minute routine that will have your students drawing from a variety of articles and paired texts.

If you’ve never seen the PBS Kids Youtube channel, then now is the time to check it out! With 100’s of free videos that are both interactive and fun, there’s no better way to get your students excited to learn. This month, we are highlighting their Healthy Habits playlist, a collection of 21 short videos highlighting healthy habits to keep your students safe and well. With all the useful information packed into these short and easy videos, your students will be learning before they even notice it – and you might, too!

AFT’s Culminating Capstone Projects are a way for students to demonstrate what they have learned in innovative, meaningful ways. A cadre of preK-12 AFT teachers from across the nation designed a set of standards-based and developmentally appropriate projects that will enable students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways such as writing a story or song, scrap booking and counting objects in the home. These capstone projects can be used to wrap up the school year, to complete a voluntary summer learning program, or even serve as a re-entry into the next school year. Teachers can adapt and modify the projects, tailoring them for their classrooms. All of the necessary resources are provided (e.g., hyperlinks, activity sheets, question prompts, etc.).

Want to find more great resources on your own? Then try Cube For Teachers, a place where teachers share their info on great education resources. Their library includes over 60,000 shared resources, including: lessons, activities, interactive games, teaching strategies, tech tips, videos, special education, subject-specific resources, etc.

Check it out today, and maybe you can find that one thing you’ve really been looking for!

Share this short video with your students to get them thinking and writing about a special memory they have. This is a great month for reflecting on the special moments and times we have spent together so far during what has been an eventful year!


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