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ESSA-Strong Literacy Tool Transforms More Than 18,000+ Elementary School Students’ Reading Outcomes

Learning Ovations, an organization dedicated to ensuring all children can read at or above grade level by the end of third grade, applies the science behind literacy, resulting in unprecedented reading outcomes exceeding past growth rates. Eighty five percent of grade-level teams currently meet or exceed the growth rate seen in the research studies.

“The results are truly transformative,” said Jay Connor, the founder/Chief Executive of Learning Ovations. “Really incredible! Just think: based on implementing the A2i approach, we are on track for a whopping 94 percent of our children from high-need districts reading at or above grade level at the end of third grade.”

Indeed, these figures far outpace the 63 percent of children nationwide entering 4th grade who are reading below grade level and far surpasses the 34 percent of children throughout the country who are currently reading below basic levels.

“What’s especially exciting about this moment is that it demonstrates our core message,” says Sarah Siegal, Ph.D., Director of Research, Practice, and Policy at Learning Ovations. “That through our Department of Education-based A2i approach, ALL students, no matter their background, race, or other defining characteristics, can learn to read, setting them up to be successful for the rest of their lives.”

Learning Ovations’ results stem from the organization’s ESSA-strong, research-based A2i Professional Support System, a technology platform empowering K-3 educators to individualize instruction. Learning Ovations began implementing A2i throughout the country in Fall 2018 in order to achieve national priorities in coordination with the U.S. Department of Education.

Learning Ovations, producing unparalleled reading outcomes due to the sweeping and systematic change A2i promises as a result of its individualized approach, is a departure from the status quo and the less than effective “one size fits all” instructional model.

“Learning Ovations, from a systems viewpoint, is very critical to us,” said Dr. Marc Baiocco, Superintendent, Elmsford Union Free School District. “A2i, their unique software, has immensely helped our teachers better educate our students. I can’t say enough how much of a huge positive impact it has made on our school due to the importance of their individualized instruction approach. Through their help, we’ve made amazing, unprecedented progress. Happily, I can say all of the hard work is paying off as a result of their organization.”

More than 18,000 students are currently using the A2i Professional Support System in 850 classrooms, 114 schools, and four states. A2i initially launched in conjunction with the United2Read project, a five-year Education Innovation and Research expansion grant totaling $14.65 million from the U.S. Department of Education in partnership with Digital Promise, UC Irvine (UCI) and MDRC.

About Learning Ovations

Learning Ovations’ mission is to ensure all children can read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. Founded to bring evidence-based, rigorously tested interventions and instructional practices to schools, this social benefits corporation aims to raise learning outcomes for all students. Learning Ovations combines technology and professional development to provide educators with the tools, data, and know-how to effectively individualize literacy instruction from kindergarten through third grade. The patented, A2i technology platform, coupled with professional development, has been proven to raise reading achievement for all students. Employing a professional support system linking language and literacy assessment results to recommendations for specific amounts and types of reading instruction through evidence-based algorithms, it continuously demonstrates the disruptive, yet positively transforming notion that all children can achieve full literacy, leading to more productive, happier lives.

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