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Educating for a Better Tomorrow Starts with Equity Today

Equity should always top the priority list when considering how to improve student achievement and close the learning gap. Equity in education means giving support to level the playing field, so every student has the same opportunity to succeed.

The conversations around improving our learning practices should never be solely focused on any particular demographic, and fortunately many have recently begun taking steps to prevent this. Perhaps the most noticeable of these actions comes from none other than the U.S. Department of Education, who announced their ongoing efforts towards advancing equity earlier this week.

Included in their plans is an explicit focus on addressing the disparities accelerated by COVID-19, contained within their guidance for states’ and districts’ American Rescue Plan spending. Highlighting key recommendations for ensuring economically disadvantaged districts are not left in the dust of the pandemic, as well as urging further equitable methods of funding for the future.

The department is also focusing on issues affecting underserved communities. Recommending that districts focus on the urgent need for student-centered social-emotional learning and development. Social emotional resources for students and teachers will be invaluable over the next few years and should be one of our top priorities. To learn more about the actions the Department of Education is taking, check out their announcement and resources.

This is exciting news for many of us who have already been deeply involved in finding and providing solutions to these systematic inequalities. It is now more important than ever that we use this momentum to keep surging forward, each push bringing us one step closer to a world that fosters unlimited educational opportunities for every single student, no matter where they’re starting.

Learning Ovations is taking this opportunity to formally encourage you to spread these recommendations and topics. Let’s get the word out and support the Department of Education’s latest steps by sharing the news.

Universal equity may be long overdue but now is the best time to make our voices heard!

Joseph Connor

Founder / Chief Executive

Press any of the icons below to share this message with your friends, family and peers. To achieve our mission, we must advance equality, and to do that everyone needs to be on board.

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