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A2i Aligns within the MTSS Framework

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Thinking through the best ways to serve students in the classroom is central to the mission at Learning Ovations. Specifically, A2i falls primarily into RTI - Tier 1, within the MTSS framework.

Experts agree that aligning and using the MTSS framework to best support students during literacy instruction is crucial so that changes are facilitates as students’ needs change.

“Teachers and school leaders quickly realize the value of an MTSS evidence-based program that uses frequent assessment to both build instructional grouping and lesson plans while facilitating changes in grouping as students’ needs change,” said Alan Coulter, Ph.D., Director of Educational Innovations for the Human Development Center.

At Learning Ovations, here is our targeted Tier I Intervention:

  1. Support All Students. A2i allows students to gain access to the resources and educational rigor they need at the right moment in their education, regardless of intrinsic character or external influences.

  2. Instruct Effectively. A2i assessments provide universal screening and A2i software informs teachers not only on the types and amounts of instruction each child needs, but also how best to group students effectively teach small group rotations.

  3. Collaborate with Colleagues. Teachers can communicate individual student learning plans and activities through A2i’s online portal. This allows teachers to maximize teaching time with each student.

Here is more information on how Learning Ovations and MTSS are aligned:

Additional topics and support can be also be discussed by the Literacy Outcome Specialists, to help explore the other components of the MTSS framework and how we can work together to best support student outcomes.

While the definitions of these terms tends to vary from district to district the overall goal to support students in getting the amount and type of instruction they need! You may find this article helpful, which outlines the multiple layers of the MTSS framework.

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