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A2i Makes it Simple

Funding for Outcomes

When it comes to closing the achievement gap in literacy, money matters. However, even more important is how this money is spent. In order to improve 3rd grade reading rates, funding must pursue proven outcomes.

To improve literacy outcomes across the entire nation, funding must be used in ways that are effective in:

  • Changing expectations AND

  • Changing actions

As Thomas J. Kane explains in his recent piece for EdWeek, just creating plans for improvement is not enough to change instructional practice or boost student outcomes. If districts truly want to pursue effective long-term solutions, they will need to implement the right strategic practices.

Our research of district literacy plans in Florida revealed that many are directing new funds towards purchasing extra classroom resources, and there’s a major flaw in this course of action. Properly using high-quality resources can boost student achievement, but this requires a lot of teacher training that these curriculum vendors fail to include in their premium price points.

Fortunately, there’s a better option with an even better price, Learning Ovations. Included within our A2i Professional Support System and Community Literacy Support Systems are a wide variety of curricula, allowing teachers to use what they already know or try something new. We also provide ongoing teacher support, training, and professional development, ensuring every teacher is maximizing their potential and is comfortable doing so.

When it comes down to what really matters—money—A2i comes out on top yet again. Our low cost means that the average school only pays about $125 per student actively engaged in individualized A2i instruction. Compare this to the baffling cost of purchasing curriculum alone (that comes with no teacher support), and A2i is not only the better option for outcomes, but also incomes.

Decades of research prove A2i closes the achievement gap (and the numbers do, too). With 94% of students reading at or above level by the end of 3rd grade, Learning Ovations doesn’t just mean smarter spending—it means smarter students.

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