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5 Ways to Virtually Thank a Teacher

By Literacy Outcomes Specialist: Katrina Niesen

Teacher Appreciation Week is so special because it is a time when children and families can give back to the ones who give so much: teachers!

While social distancing might be throwing a kink in your typical 'thank you' gift ideas, we have got you covered. Below is a list of FIVE virtual 'thank you' ideas that is sure to make the teachers in your life feel appreciated! An added bonus, they won't take much time to put together and you can get your kids involved too!

#1 Send a video card

Record your child sharing a special thank you message for their teacher! You can use your phone, tablet, or computer. Encourage them to share a specific memory, compliment, or something they learned. Teachers love hearing from their students and this will be such a personal and sweet gesture.

#2 Make a Google Slides card

Let your kiddo get creative and use clip art and text to create a 'Thank you' card or poem in Google Slides. There are a variety of free templates you can use. Here is a site with some of my favorites!

#3 Send Coffee & Snacks!

Kindly ask your teacher for their address, if there is a coffee shop nearby they love, and if they feel comfortable with deliveries. You could use a service you know is safe and trust to deliver the delightful surprise. A gift card is always a good back up option t00 and many can be emailed.

#4 Create a virtual background

Get out those paints and crayons and have your child make a beautiful work of art for their teacher to use as a Zoom background or desktop background. Snap a picture of it, save it as a 'PNG' for higher quality, and email it to the teacher.

#5 Good ol' fashion gift cards

Traditional yes, but teachers love them and can use them to buy whatever they wish! Some great options are restaurants they love-still open for take out, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Scholastic, or a store you know they shop at often and enjoy.

Hope these tips help you celebrate all the wonderful teachers in your life!

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