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A2i at School 29 has been a match made in heaven. We have successfully and smoothly achieved the same mindset. A2i means too Amazing 2 Imagine!"

Jorge Ventura

Principal from School 29, Paterson School District

Thank you for bringing this program in a positive and useful way. The past few weeks, I have grouped students according to A2i and modeled/taught my first graders how to work independently and within the expectations of group work."


Christina Dickinson

First Grade Teacher,
Starlight Elementary,

Beaumont Unified School District


I am totally blown away with my data and the lessons that help support my students learning. As I have gotten to know my students better and have looked at the result of their assessments, I can better identify their needs. It’s tremendous how I am getting to know “the inside of their pockets.” Thank you so much for your guidance and support."

Judy L. Taft

First Grade Teacher,

Fontana Unified School District


Teachers and school leaders quickly realize the value of an evidence-based program that uses frequent assessment to both build instructional grouping and lesson plans while facilitating changes in grouping as student's needs change."

Alan Coulter, PhD

Director of Educational Innovations for the Human Development Center


Kids are really doing well and making growth in their small groups...   We really appreciate In Class Coaching and how the LOS was able to show us the different activities in our center groups. We also really appreciate the LOS’ emails and fun Friday tips to help us refine our teaching."

Naida Cabrera

First Grade Teacher,
Las Lomas Elementary School


The A2i platform and Learning Ovations has so much to offer, but our job is to make it digestible for teachers so they can use it to make their students more successful. "

Hannah Elmore

Literacy Outcome Specialist


Teachers are more aware of matching student need to instructional minutes. That increased awareness is allowing for more specific differentiation resulting in student success."

Dannette Brown

Curriculum Coach,

Las Lomas Elementary School


We were looking for a program that would support us in reestablishing our small group instruction in our district,  so we've been really excited to work with A2i and Learning Ovations... It's really been a wonderful marriage of both data and support.  I would recommend Learning Ovations to any other school district that was looking to start (or restart) small group instruction in a way that is systematic, databased, and fully supported by the company behind it."

Katie Hernandez

Curriculum Specialist, English Language Arts,

Anaheim School District


I feel that the A2i data is requiring me to look at our curriculum in a different way and organize my plans in such a way that my students are getting the necessary minutes to assist them in the areas that they need."

Kleigh Arthurs

First Grade Teacher and Literacy Champion, Iroquois School District





 -- Amanda Jacobs 
   Principal, Phoenix Collegiate Academy

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