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Children Arriving at School


  • How can educators and parents assess each student to determine their unique learning needs?
    Learning Ovations proprietary software utilizes assessments that are normed to the NAEP with validity and reliability derived from the Woodcock Johnson gold-standard literacy test protocols. This assessment determines a child’s grade and age equivalency levels. The assessment can be administered as frequently as every six weeks to re-assign groupings and adjust instruction. Moreover, the assessment provides a common measure that is consistent from school to school and also transfers to the home or summer or afterschool setting. Children are then receiving consistent, on target activities and work.
  • How can educators and parents use assessment data to provide individualized learning plans that provide a path to grade level proficiency for each student?
    Assessment 2 instruction (A2i) completes this task for educators. The software is indexed with thousands of lessons that are categorized by grade level (year and month). Educators can choose from the district's ELA curriculum or utilize hundreds of other open source activities that complement any curriculum. Most importantly, the assessment data is used to determine the amount of time children need to spend on specific skills which is dependent upon their grade and age data. This is a key component to the success of A2i. With the assessment information and recommended lessons, parents also have access to what their child needs. This data transportability is a unique component of A2i’s success.
  • How can educators and parents regularly monitor progress to ensure each student is meeting their individualized learning goals?
    Quick, flexible and adaptive (5-15 minute) assessments are given throughout the year (as frequently as every 6 weeks) to monitor student progress. A2i algorithms update in real-time to provide educators with instruction information (leveled activities and time elements) for each student. Children, even as young as kindergarten, are able to complete these assessments independently because they are adaptive and continually move toward each students’ specific reading ability.
  • How can schools and program providers provide professional development to help educators deliver data-driven instruction in the classroom?
    Learning Ovations provides varying levels of training, support and professional development from our experts. This includes a dedicated project-management team to serve as points of contact and strategy partners, along with technology startup and on-demand support throughout program implementation. A2i school partners receive three full years of support and professional development from a Literacy Outcomes Specialist. These specialists have a solid foundation in literacy and have all been teachers in primary classrooms. The specialists engage in a literacy scan and customize the professional development for each school and each teacher. They engage teachers in initial PD, huddles throughout the year, classroom visitations and on-demand assistance. Teachers can call, text or email the specialists so that they receive the help and support when they need it most. Teachers no longer get a half or full day of a ‘canned’ presentation only to be left alone in their classrooms. A Learning Ovations partnership is a 100% commitment of both parties because we are committed to getting all children reading at grade level by the end of third grade and a long-term relationship is what it takes.
  • How can schools provide additional time for students to catch up through summer learning and afterschool programming aligned with school-year instruction?
    Learning Ovations provides A2i Tutoring for Parents, Afterschool Programs and A2i Summer for District and Community Summer Learning programs. Both are closely aligned with the A2i School Professional Support System, providing the opportunity for an aligned year-round system of learning that spans the school day and year. Current COVID Relief funding is available and earmarked for summer learning, afterschool and tutoring programs. A2i qualifies for all of these funding streams and is able to move children, teachers and parents into success during the school year by providing consistency and familiarity with a rigorously-proven literacy program.
  • How can schools and communities ensure that all learning loss recovery strategies have a strong evidence base of successful outcomes?
    A2i is built on fourteen years of research and is rated Strong by Evidence for ESSA and the What Works Clearinghouse. Learning Ovations’ software is indexed with only evidence-based lessons. Included in the software are evidence-based ELA curriculums (we will index your district curriculum if it is not already available in the software), open-source activities and materials, including the Florida Center for Reading Research, and hundreds of other lessons that fill in skill gaps to complement and support your curriculum. The technology is indexed to correlate each assignment by grade (year/month) as well as age (vocabulary work).
  • How can schools and communities address funding needs that relate to learning loss and recovery?
    Schools and communities have access to all Federal Covid Funds and Title Dollars for Title I, II, III, and Title IV to support the funding needed for learning loss and recovery. Federal American Rescue Plan Funding is available for use until Fall 2023, which is in alignment with our 3-year Partnership Commitment to transformative reading outcomes for your community! Use these resources to recover learning loss AND achieve profound results and social equity for your community by having over 90% of children reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade!

Let us help you start the journey this summer and carry that success into the future through an aligned year-round system of learning!

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