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In the Classroom

We are an outcome delivery company that partners with school districts, charter, and private school networks. We provide an ESSA Strong Professional Support System for teachers. By aligning our technology, data, existing resource investments and coaching, we support all teachers’ ability to deliver daily differentiated literacy instruction.

What Makes Us Different?

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Dr. Carol Connor

Principal Researcher and Creator of A2i 


Research and practice 

sets us apart

Dr. Carol Connor, the lead researcher whose work proved instrumental in the A2i breakthrough understood there will always be external factors impinging on a child’s ability to achieve reading outcomes: poverty, book availability, homelessness, Internet access, broken homes, mobility, fear, two-career families. 

And yet her research focused on what schools can do once a child walks through the kindergarten door. Yes, COVID 19 is the latest in a long journey of environmental slights preventing children from reading at grade level. But it’s a challenge we can solve together. 



of students in A2i classrooms are able to read at, or above, grade level by the end of 3rd grade.


grade average reading rate.



13 years of rigorously tested research and development.


hours of classroom observation.


Irrespective of all environmental factors, our 15 years of work in this space and our remarkable outcomes show we can achieve over 90% of children reading at, or above, grade level by third grade’s end. Responding to Covid-19 is no different. We’ve brought children with below grade level language skills up to, and beyond, grade level.  We've dramatically reduced the need for interventions. 

peer reviewed journals featuring A2i




Bristol Implementation Overview

Bristol Township adopted A2i Distance Learning with the goal of providing teachers with instructional recommendations and resources to truly differentiate synchronous and asynchronous learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A2i Distance Learning has set the stage for a high level of understanding and implementation of the A2i Professional Support System beginning in Fall 2021. This will allow teachers to potentially move more quickly through our framework as they utilize A2i with fidelity - leading to increased student outcomes as displayed in the following graphs.
NEWNew Bristol Report.png

Partnership & Possibility

A2i usage has varied across Bristol Township schools and grade-levels this year, but the 3rd grade teachers at Mill Creek have leveraged the tools and resources in A2i to a greater extent than their colleagues at either Brookwood or Keystone. This increased usage is tied to an increase in student literacy levels relative to the historical achievement of 3rd graders at each of these schools.

Ability to Limit Learning Loss During Covid

Engagement at Bristol schools was varied, with Mill Creek showing the highest levels of usage and attendance at optional office hours. As shown on the graphic below, increased gains in current performance (versus historical performance) were shown with the higher level of teacher and principal engagement.

Next year, expectations of teacher involvement will be higher due to the structure of the A2i Professional Support System and the embedded professional development. As displayed in the graphic below, increased gains in current performance (versus historical performance) were achieved with the higher level of teacher and principal engagement. 
Bristol Township School District_School_

Potential Outcomes

Real-world targets based on Learning Ovations partners across the country 

Learning Ovations has partnered with schools and districts across the country, serving diverse populations of learners and communities. To highlight the potential of expanding to a full partnership with Learning Ovations via the A2i Professional Support System, we used artificial intelligence to identify an East Coast partner district that has many key attributes in common with Bristol Township School District. Specifically, this exemplar district has a similar percentage of socioeconomically disadvantaged students (as indicated by the % of students receiving Free & Reduced Lunch), similar percentage of Students of Color, and similar historical performance on standardized literacy tests at the end of 3rd Grade (% that meet/exceed).
East Coast District Partner

Exemplar district highlights the potential for transformative literacy growth 

In this exemplar district, with whom we have partnered since 2018, we see enormous growth across schools - in spite of CV19-induced educational disruptions. These figures let us visualize:
where we’ve come from
where we are
where we are going
historical % of students that met/exceeded on standardized ELA assessments
current % of students at/above grade level literacy
projected % of students that will finish 3rd grade at/above grade level
East Coast District Partner
Importantly, the potential for dramatic growth in student literacy levels can hardly be overstated. Differentiated literacy instruction, professional development, and support through partnership with Learning Ovations can result in a boost of 25%-50% in the population of 3rd graders reading at/above grade level at a given school. However, this is a true partnership and the most dramatic changes in student literacy are only possible with partners committed to differentiated instruction and implementing best educational practices according to the science of reading. Simple adoption of A2i by a district is not sufficient to elicit key growth among students - there has to be top-down commitment and follow-through at all levels - a fact highlighted by the variation in student growth and success across schools in this exemplar district.

Systems Alignment

We believe strongly that student outcomes are driven by aligning the following elements at a district level:
Target Graphic FINAL_3-19-21.jpg
Using our proven causal approach to systems alignment, partners will GAIN:
  • Comprehensive support from a cadre of Literacy Outcomes Specialists that will provide expert advice and guidance to teachers and administrators on differentiated instruction, science of reading research and A2i technology.
  • An outside read on the current state of affairs within schools’ literacy blocks coupled with actionable next steps on how to move schools towards best practice and higher student outcomes.
  • Shared expectations and accountability tools for individualized instruction within school sites and classrooms.
  • Dedicated thought partners in the form of Literacy Outcomes Specialists for administrators looking to shift pedagogy towards more individualized instruction within their schools.

Funding Options

Equity In Education

Teacher Support

Time spent in A2i professional development is not additive to teachers’ schedules, but rather, supports efficient planning rooted in research and best practices. 
The Differentiation Difference
The Teacher Is Central
Thoughts On Implementation
Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 4.12.09 PM.png
Professional Development and use of the A2i Platform is considered so comprehensive that teachers willing to deeply engage in shifting pedagogy to fully differentiate for their students are eligible to receive university-level credits from the University of California, Irvine through their participation in A2i PSS and movement through our Framework. 
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